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Questions Players Should Ask Agents During Interviews!

If you've been listening to my podcast, "Sports Business Secrets," you've probably already heard many of these topics covered in depth. But for the most part, I have discussed things that agents look for in potential clients (aka pro prospects).

Today I am sharing an aggregated list of questions that are very important for players to ask agents during the interview process.

If you have been recruited by KTA over the past three years, I have most likely beat you to these questions ;)

I actually send the answers to these questions as part of the KTA recruiting package. Why? Because it saves everyone time. And if a player doesn't like the answers that I give, then we can have a conversation about it. Otherwise it will just go undiscussed... and that always leaves room for issues down the line.

I can't stress enough how important it is to find the right fit. Just because you are one of the top ranked players does not mean one of the biggest agencies is the best fit for you. What matters is that you share the same vision.

If you think you are an NBA player and the agent thinks you are an overseas player -- then you probably won't be a good match. If you are looking for a marketing deal and the agent doesn't understand the value of social media -- then you probably won't be a good match. If you are a point guard and the agent has 10 clients that play the point guard position -- then you probably won't be a good match.

The agent and client relationship is not always perfect. But there are ways for you to filter through your options to find the best fit. Trust me, doing the due diligence early could save you time, frustration and potentially even money in the long term.

This list of questions may change a bit based on the level of recruit, but here is the aggregate list:

1. When did you first start watching me play and getting familiar with my game?

2. What do you think are my strengths that translate to the next level?

3. What do I need to improve in order to succeed at the next level?

4. How many athletes are you currently representing?

- How many of them are the same or similar position as me?

- How many of those players will be free agents or looking for a new contract?

5. How many athletes are you hoping to sign this year?

6. Where do I stand in the priority of your recruiting class?

7. Tell me more about your agency.

- Who started the company? Why?

- Is it only basketball? How many agents?

- Who else is on staff?

8. Do you work directly with teams? Or do you go through partner agencies?

9. What are the pros and cons of signing with a [bigger / smaller] agency like yours?

10. What will set you apart from other agencies? How do you differ from other agents?

11. How many clients have fired you? What was the reason and where are they now?

12. What teams / markets / leagues do you see me fitting in?

13. Can you tell me more about the setup of the contracts?

- Walk through the agent commission (NBA vs Overseas)

14. Do you think I will get any off-court earning opportunities?

15. How long is the term of the contract for?

16. What happens if either of us wants to terminate the contract?

17. If I sign with your agency, will I be working with you directly?

- If not who will be the main contact?

18. Do you have partners overseas? If so who will it be?

19. When you talk to teams about me what will the pitch be?

20. What are other services that your agency will provide?

- Marketing? Financial / accounting services? Training?

21. How many clients have you visited personally? What locations?

22. How often do you talk with you clients? And to what extent?

23. Where do your clients usually train during the off season?

24. What’s something that you’ve learned over your career as an agent?

25. What about life after ball? What is the value your agency will add?

If you are able to discuss these questions with the agents who are recruiting you, I promise you will be putting yourself steps ahead of others. Once you hear the answers to these questions, you will know whether meeting #2 is necessary.

If you want to listen to the audio version of this discussion, click the picture below for the full podcast:


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