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So You Wanna Be A Sports Agent?


During "The Sports Agent Educational Journey" You Will:

  • Understand the basic framework of a day in the life of a sports agent

  • Comprehend the business models and strategy of sports agencies

  • Learn where to go and how to apply for your agent certifications

  • ​Identify where your skill sets can add value to an agency

  • Be given access to tools used by current sports agents

  • Differentiate yourself from other aspiring agents

​and much more...

Sports Business Education

For anything that you aspire to do in life, you should want to educate yourself about it.


If you want to become an accountant, you should know what you'll be tested on during the CPA exam. You'll want to learn the ins and outs of how to help businesses understand their finances.


If you want to be a doctor, you need to dedicate nearly a decade of your life to educate yourself on anatomy, biochemistry, pharmacology and all sorts of sciences that will be used to help people restore and maintain physical and mental health.


The same is true if you want to be involved in the sports business industry! No matter what path you want to take -- from a pro player to a scout to a marketing manager, and everything in between -- you need to fuel your mind with knowledge to help you along the path.


You have all the tools you need! You simply need to take action and invest in yourself.

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