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Monthly Digest 022

This is a monthly recap of resources that have helped me become the best version of me!

A QUOTE I love --

"Life has a funny way of testing our will, either by having nothing happen at all or everything happen all at once!"

A BOOK I finished --

The Law of Success by Napoleon Hill // I wish I could summarize this book in a few sentences, but there were just too many gems! 600 pages of pure wisdom. This took me about 3 months to finish. Napoleon Hill outlines 15 Principles to help you achieve your dreams. There are "instagrammable" quotes to live by on literally every single page.

A PODCAST I listened to --

Summer School: Choices and Dating (Planet Money) // Was I hoping this podcast would give me a few tips to find a girlfriend? Maybe. Only time will tell if it worked... but I definitely learned something from it! You don't often break down your everyday choices via economic principles. But now I catch myself analyzing opportunity costs before I make a decision!

A PLACE I recently traveled to --

Where: Cape Cod, Massachusetts

--> first timer over here! quick weekend getaway with my brothers.

--> did you know that no county in the entire country has more lighthouses?

--> I was introduced to Downeast Cider Double Blend, you should try it.

A few ARTICLES I enjoyed --

Appearances vs Experiences // In our search for happiness, we very often confuse how something looks with how it's going to make us feel. Think about how we tend to be mesmerized into wanting to wear overpriced brand name clothing or needing to drive expensive cars. You will find happiness once you prioritize experiences rather than things.

So, You Wanna Be an Agent? // Shameless plug here. If you are curious as to what sports agents really do, you should take a look at my latest blog series. Since friends and family ask me pretty often, I figured I'd start sharing some more behind the scenes details about the industry. Hopefully I'll open your eyes to some common misconceptions about the job :)

A VIDEO you should watch --

It only seems fitting to honor the late Chadwick Boseman. Here's a quick 5 minute highlight of his commencement speech to Howard University in 2018. "You should rather find purpose than just take a job," because you are not guaranteed tomorrow. Little did he know at the time, how important this message would be for the world to hear today. RIP!


Like anything in life, I will continuously make changes and improvements to this newsletter! That will all depend on feedback I get from YOU! The purpose is to be able to share resources that bring you value. Hit me with feedback on any of the following:

  • Which resource above is your favorite?

  • What do you want more or less of?

  • How can I improve?

Send me a tweet (@Kevin_Tarca), shoot me a DM (@kevintarca) or simply respond to this email!

Have a wonderful month!

-- Kevin

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