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LinkedIn Sports Challenge 03/30

#LinkedInSports Day 3️⃣: Who is an athlete or sports entrepreneur that inspires me and why?

I could turn this prompt into its own 30 day challenge because sticking to one person is nearly impossible! But I'll try to keep it digestible for today.

Here is a short list of people in the industry that inspire me:

Eduard Scott -- one of the most respected names in global basketball, Ed can be thanked for helping Euroleague Basketball grow into where it is today. And even though he spends a substantial amount of time during our conversations giving me a hard time for something, I appreciate the support and guidance the past 6+ years.

Kara Lawson -- there's something about a coaches speech that resonates differently. Lately I've found myself searching for more videos from Coach Lawson! We have not met yet, but just saying thanks for your leadership & motivation!

AJ Vaynerchuk -- When I wrote hand written letters to agencies all across the world, AJ was literally the only person to respond. As soon as I launched KTA, VaynerSports was my north star because of the way they do business. They are the most innovative agency in the world and I learn something from them every day.

Matt Beyer -- If you're unfamiliar with Matt's background you should take a listen to our podcast episode... watching him and his team build the East Asia Super League into one of the most exciting basketball leagues in the world has been inspiring to say the least. I appreciate the opportunity to tag along from the sidelines!

CJ McCollum -- The first time I saw CJ play in person was in 2009. We pulled up to Bethlehem, PA for an away game against Lehigh, and little did we know what we are about to experience. Rookie year CJ casually gave us 22 points as I watched in awe from the end of our bench lol. Most importantly, the work CJ does off the court with the National Basketball Players Association (NBPA) and his own business ventures is just as inspiring as his career so far in the NBA.

Jaime Alonso is someone who I am fortunate to consider a great friend. It's been fun watching him build his projects from the ground up the past several years. He is a key leader in the global basketball space, from scouting to player management to event creation and everything in between!

Other people who have started companies, are growing companies and/or make a huge impact on this industry: Sean Light, Rajiv Khanna, Samantha Guastella, Andrew Petcash, Lilliana Antequera, etc etc etc...

Alright I'll pause here because I can go on for days. There are hundreds of people who aren't named here that continue to inspire me and support me. So for all of you, thank you!

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