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Don't Do This When Selling

Remember the last time someone tried to sell you something that you were just NOT in the market for?

If I’m guessing correctly, you probably did something along the lines of rolling your eyes and biting your tongue.

You can't tell me that you've never been stopped by someone in the mall trying to get you to try their brand new skin cream. Or check out the latest and greatest air steamer that magically gets the wrinkles out of all your dress clothes! Am I the only one? No way! Maybe my shirts are always wrinkled?

I usually say "thanks but no thanks" and continue walking. Depending on the mood I might even pretend that I don't hear them (I know, rude. But ain't nobody got time for that!)

I've always been baffled by how those little kiosks make money. Anyways, we're getting way off topic here.

Moral of the story is... when someone is selling BS it's easy to read right through them!

In his book, Start With Why, Simon Sinek talks about the power of being authentic (among many other valuable insights). Here is an excerpt that stuck with me:

Goal: Don’t be like that person!

Focus on your WHY. Of course the “what” matters as well.

But when the [what + why] are in balance and genuine, it eliminates uncertainty.

The goal is not to sell to people to want what you have.

The goal is to get people to believe what you believe.

For more Simon Sinek gems, check out his website.

You'll thank me later!


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