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A Few Networking Secrets

If I had a dollar for every time I used the word 'networking' or 'relationships' on this podcast or in my blog posts, I would be a very rich man! And by very rich man… I mean I'd probably have a few thousand dollars. But you get the point…

The main reason I was inspired to talk about networking and relationships today came from an epic coaching session last night run by my guy David Nurse. Big time shoutout to him and his coaching program the 1% Daily Growth Group.

If you're unfamiliar with David, you’re missing out. After you finish reading this post I encourage you to listen to his guest episode on my podcast to hear more about his story and impact (link to episode 377 at bottom).

Anyways, back to the point.

Last night we had one of the group video chats (one of the awesome benefits of his coaching program), and the topic for this week was titled “the connection calculator.” Obviously I can't give away all the secrets here, but I'll share a few quick takeaways that I found extremely powerful. For context, the discussion revolved around building your power network (who, how, where, etc).

1 --> Something I Learned:

Before reaching out to someone to connect, think about how you could promote them and their work!

  • it's easy to send someone a message asking to connect or learn

  • it's not as easy to thank someone for the impact they had on you (without an ask)

  • it's NEXT LEVEL to sincerely thank someone and promote their work, buy their course, etc.

DNurse with the big time breakthrough there! 🙏

2 --> Something I Shared:

A well thought out, handwritten letter is more powerful than you think!

I go a bit more in depth about those two takeaways in the full episode, link below:

You can google, "how to build relationships," but it will never compare to learning from your own actions or learning from others. How can you do that? Well one way is to join a community or get coaching.

Learning from someone who has built relationships will be very helpful. But learning from someone who has built relationships but also wants to TEACH YOU EVERYTHING THEY KNOW about it could be life changing.

More details on David Nurse's 1% Daily Growth Group:

Link to the full guest episode with David Nurse:


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