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Tom Moore, UConn Men's Basketball Asst Coach

Sports Business Secrets

Season 3 || Episode 470

Today’s guest is Tom Moore, Men's Basketball Assistant Coach at the University of Connecticut.

For those who are unaware, Coach Moore was my Head Coach at Quinnipiac University from 2008-2012. He gave me the opportunity to walk-on to the team when I arrived as a freshman, which led to four of the best years of my life, and for that I'll be forever grateful.

Coach Moore has nearly 30 years of college basketball coaching experience, starting with Division III Worcester State and Division II Assumption College before jumping to the University of Connecticut for the first time in 1994. After two national championships at UConn, he took over as Head Coach at Quinnipiac University in 2007. He made a stop at URI with Dan Hurley in 2017 before returning to UConn the following season.

Most recently he's coming off his 3rd National Championship, all of which he won as a Husky.

Today we talked about:

  • studying journalism before ever thinking about coaching

  • how he got his first opportunity as a coach

  • what it was like to work under HOF Coach Jim Calhoun

  • the NBA players he coached & what made them great

  • some coaching and leadership philosophies

  • how he selected his coaching staff at Quinnipiac

  • highs and lows of the coaching journey

  • returning to UConn & the goal from day one

  • relationships with players & recruiting criteria

  • and much more

Appreciate you tuning in. Hope you enjoy!

You can listen to the full episode by clicking here:


Connect with Coach & Follow UConn Men's Basketball:

Instagram --> here

Twitter --> here

A few throwbacks from Quinnipiac:

Coach Moore:

Third National Championship article:


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