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Podcasts I've Joined!

This whole #podcasting thing has become quite the hobby!

In all seriousness, I'm super grateful to have the opportunity to speak on all of these different shows. Sometimes we talk hoops, sometimes we talk business, and every once in awhile we get to some stories from traveling the world :)

Here's a running list:

October 8, 2020 -- Hardwood Confessions with Albert III

May 31, 2020 -- High Performance Mindfulness with Jake Rauchbach

September 25, 2019 -- Work on Your Game with Dre Baldwin

September 9, 2019 -- The Third: An Art Morrison Podcast

July 15, 2019 -- The Coaches Classroom w/ Matt Streich

March 21, 2018 -- The Green Light Podcast

August 7, 2017 -- What's Next Pod

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