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Hardwood Confessions Podcast with Albert Donald III

"What does the basketball mean to you?"

Seems like a pretty generic and cliche question at first.

But when you start asking many different people the same exact question, you start to realize how exclusive and unparalleled each answer is. Basketball has had a unique impact on every single individual that has been affiliated with the game in some way, shape or form!

My guy Albert Donald started a new live video show called Hardwood Confessions, and he asked if I could be a guest this week. The mission of the show? To find the intimate revelation about a hooper's innermost passion, inspiration and love for the game of basketball.

Here is a breakdown of some of the key topics:

10:00 - "Hoopers Confessional"

10:38 - What basketball has meant to me

13:21 - A few memorable moments so far

15:09 - Pionir Hall in Belgrade, Serbia

15:50 - A false reality of being an agent

19:26 - What's next for KTA?

24:32 - Dream retirement # and college nickname

Here is the link to the full youtube recording:

Here is the video blog from my trip to Belgrade, Serbia:


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