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#throwback Podcast: What's Next?

It's hard to believe this podcast was recorded nearly three years ago! But I thought it would be cool to take a look back at my thoughts from before I officially started Kreation Talent Agency.

A few buddies from Quinnipiac started this amazing podcast (What's Next Pod) to dive into the lives of former college athletes. The goal? To try and find answers to one of the most difficult questions every one of us faces: What’s Next?

Here is a breakdown of the full conversation:

2:00 - Intro 3:45 - What it's like to "sell yourself." 5:50 - Going from "the man" to a walk on. 9:40 - Quitting the 9-5. "What now?" 10:40 - About the Euroleague Masters Program. 12:45 - The "stuck point" when you feel like you need to do something more/better. 15:01 - Time & Money. Make the most of each. 16:15 - How traveling changes your perspective. How blessed we really are. 19:40 - Investing in yourself 26:01 - Starting a nonprofit with two friends The Purpose Network 30:10 - The Fear of Failing and not comparing yourself to others. 35:45 - Gary Vaynerchuk's model of investing in people + Maintaining soft connection. 37:45 - Tips for a College student who is stuck or trying to figure out "What's Next?" 40:00 - Smart networking. 43:45 - Kevin battles with "What's Next?"

Here is the full podcast via SoundCloud:

Here is the video blog that I referred to during the podcast:

Enjoy :)


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