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Work on Your Game with Dre Baldwin

Dre Baldwin. aka "Dre All Day!"

This guy is an absolute machine. There might not be enough space in this blog post to describe all of the things that Dre does! I reached out to Dre on instagram to see if he'd be willing to chat. I loved his story and wanted to hear about his experiences overseas! Lucky for me he read the message and happened to be interested in my story as well. And the rest is history! Here's a bit more background on Dre, followed by the details of the podcast we recorded:

For the past 15 years, "DreAllDay" has changed the lives of over 60 million entrepreneurs, athletes and business professionals, sold thousands of copies of his books, courses and programs, pioneered personal branding through content, and built a business that helps tens of thousands of people master their "Game" in business, sports and in life, from the inside-out.

No one knows how to turn unrelenting self-belief into hard-and-fast career results better than Dre Baldwin. When everyone and everything was telling him to give up on his goal of playing pro basketball, he got focused on his future, and met the challenge head on. In the end, Baldwin succeeded―making a living playing basketball in leagues around the world.

Podcast Details:

Kevin Tarca (@KevinTarca) is a 29-year old professional basketball agent and owner of Kreation Talent Agency (@kreationtalent). Kevin is a former walk on who played four years of college basketball at Quinnipiac University. In this conversation, we talk his walk-on background, the agency business, and lots of information for up-and-coming pro players who want to get in the game. Take notes!

Just in case you don't follow him yet... you should probably check out his website!


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