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LinkedIn Sports Challenge 19/30

#LinkedInSports Day 1️⃣9️⃣: Who is a leader that inspires you and why?

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver.

I've always been fascinated by Adam Silver's background. From his law experience to holding various roles throughout the NBA, his vision to grow basketball around the world is inspiring.

It doesn't matter what name you answer this question with, every single leader has difficult decisions to make. And let's not forget that it's impossible to be liked by everybody. But even with those challenges, Commissioner Silver finds a way to command respect from more than the the majority.

A few of his traits that inspire me:

- his commitment behind the scenes before becoming Commissioner

- his transparent communication, despite the secrecy that is demanded

- his value & moral based decision making, despite external pressures

- his balance between seeking input from others and giving orders

- his servant leadership towards players


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