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Eric Pincus, National Writer & Salary Cap Strategist

Sports Business Secrets
Season 2 || Episode 418

Today’s guest is Eric Pincus, Salary Cap Strategists, National Writer for Bleacher Report and Host of Sports Business Classroom! Eric obviously produces great content about current situations in the NBA, including CBA case studies and breaking down salary cap regulations. But it’s not very often you get to hear the story about how experts in the industry get to where they are!

Today we talked about:

  • his first job as a journalist

  • when he learned how important networking is

  • why and how he started his “2nd career”

  • when he really started to understand the CBA

  • Sports Business Classroom and the courses they teach

  • advice for getting your foot in the door in the NBA

  • a little CBA 101 teaser

  • and much more

Appreciate you tuning in. Hope you enjoy!


You can follow Eric and his work below:

Eric's recent work:

Sports Business Classroom Link:


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