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Aaron Johnson, CEO & Founder of Ball Beyond

Sports Business Secrets

Season 3 || Episode 477

Today’s guest is Aaron Johnson, CEO & Founder of Ball Beyond!

Aaron played collegiately at Penn State University, although the beginning of that chapter was very different than the ending! He originally joined the team as a walk-on, but quickly proved why he was a scholarship player. By his junior year he was leading the Big Ten in rebounding and started catching the attention of scouts and agents.

Fast forward nearly a decade later and he had left his mark on the professional level in several countries abroad including Russia, Latvia, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Turkey, Croatia, Holland, Greece, and Cyprus.

After retiring, he jumped right into the deep end of entrepreneurship by starting his own businesses, and today we get to hear all about them!

Today we talked about:

  • being overlooked in high school and prep school

  • betting on himself as a walk-on in college

  • his personality and reputation off the court

  • the mindset shift when he got his first contract

  • injuries that he had to battle through

  • the difficult process of hanging up the shoes

  • what he learned from delivering packages for UPS

  • where he came up with the name for Ball Beyond

  • some player development tips he teaches

  • his thoughts on NIL & how he's helping athletes

  • and much more

Appreciate you tuning in. Hope you enjoy!

Full episode below:


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