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Jordan Green, Ballogy Chief Experience Officer

Sports Business Secrets

Season 4 || Episode 520

Today’s guest is Jordan Green, Chief Experience Officer at Ballogy!

Jordan is a former collegiate and pro athlete who is a remarkable example of how you can turn your skill set and passion into a life long career after the ball stops bouncing! He was a three year starter at Texas A&M University, played for the San Antonio Spurs G-League affiliate for 3 years and then spent one year playing professionally in France.

He had a short stint working with Ernst & Young in between his playing years and after hanging up the shoes (for real the second time), he stepped into a big role with Ballogy, a software company that is transforming the way athletes prepare for their sports.

Today we talked about:

  • When he first started getting serious about basketball

  • Getting state ranked early and what it really meant

  • His recruiting process and why he chose Texas A&M

  • How he built relationships the moment he got to college

  • Preparing for a job in something other than sports

  • His first job at Ernst & Young and what his role was

  • The moment he realized he missed the game

  • The rollercoaster of emotions during G-League tryouts

  • A quick stint playing professionally in France

  • How he got involved in Ballogy & all about the company

  • The important aspects of modern player development

  • His entrepreneurial project – “The Whole Athlete”

  • and much more

Appreciate you tuning in. Hope you enjoy!

Full episode below:


Checkout the Ballogy Website:

Just In Case You Were Unaware... JG is a HOOPER!

Here is a Sample Workout Video on Finishing From the App:

His Entrepreneurial Project -- The Whole Athlete -- Unlock the Power of Journaling!

Download the Ballogy App Here!


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