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Darren Angell, Asst to the Head Coach at Furman University

Sports Business Secrets

Season 4 || Episode 514

Today’s guest is Darren Angell, Assistant to the Head Coach at Furman University!

Darren is the first ever “run it back episode” on Sports Business Secrets. Which is awesome for a few reasons. First, it means I’ve been bringing on experts in the industry for a long time. Second, and more importantly, he has pivoted to a different role in the sports business world so we get to learn a new perspective!


Darren played basketball at Mercyhurst University before getting his law degree from the University of Kansas. He spent many years practicing law as an attorney in Chicago, during which time he simultaneously represented professional basketball players as a licensed sports agent.


He had a change of heart in 2021 to get back into the coaching world, and after a giant leap of faith and found himself on staff at Indiana State University. Fast forward to today he is in his second year with Furman University with a role that I like to refer to as, “the most important job in modern college basketball.”


Today we talked about:

  • leaving law and jumping back into college sports

  • his first role as a director of basketball operations

  • the opportunity to join coach Richey’s staff at Furman

  • the extraordinary NCAA Tournament win in 2023

  • his role as the “chief of staff” and what that entails

  • why coaching staffs need to manage the business side

  • NIL updates and how Furman is navigating that space

  • What fundraising means for college basketball

  • The challenges of building a culture in today’s landscape

  • What the future college landscape looks like

  • and much more

Appreciate you tuning in. Hope you enjoy!

Full episode below:


Learn More About Darren's Role at Furman:

Relive their 2023 NCAA Tournament Upset vs. Virginia:


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