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The Most Valuable Asset In the World Is...

Up until today I have been adamant about telling people that TIME is the most valuable asset we have.

But is it really? Is time alone that valuable? Today Jim Loehr made me think about it differently...

In his book, “The Power of Story,” he states that time only has value if it is combined with something else: ENERGY.

It quickly became clear. We should not expect results from simply investing time into something we care about.

"Time invested produces results" is a flawed mindset to have. It’s missing the key ingredient.

Think about it - you can spend hours upon hours working at your craft, but if you are not truly engaged and attacking that craft with energy, then you could potentially be doing more harm than good! That's why "practice makes perfect" is a flawed statement as well. "Engaged and perfect practice makes perfect" is a bit more realistic.

Have you ever gone to the gym and realized after 45 minutes you haven’t really done anything significant. Maybe a half speed warmup and a few sets of bicep curls (I’m definitely guilty for this one). How accomplished do you feel after?

What about studying. For anything! I remember a time when I carved out 4 hours at the library to study for an exam, but 2 iced coffees and 37 youtube videos later I realized I had already wasted a few hours!

Not going to lie... that happened more often than I would have liked it to...

Why? Because I was not engaged. I didn’t have any energy to study.

I had plenty of time. But all my energy was focused on literally anything but studying.

Jim, you are the MVP of the week for this insight.

The world's most valuable asset is no longer a secret!


Want to read this book? Click the link below. Stop procrastinating, it will be at your doorstep in a few days!


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