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Monthly Digest 018

This is a monthly recap of resources that have helped me become the best version of me!

A QUOTE I love --

"Don't allow the outcome of what happens now to affect what happens next!"

A BOOK I finished --

The Power of Story by Jim Loehr // Life consists of stories. Both stories that we tell others and stories that we tell ourselves. And more often than not, we fail to understand that if we don't like our current story, we have the tools to recreate it!

A PODCAST I listened to --

Life Overseas (Hoop Chatter Podcast) // Shameless plug! My friends Art and Rob and myself started a dope podcast called Hoop Chatter a few months ago. We're already 23 episodes in and counting! We obviously chat all things basketball, but the purpose is to shed some light on how you can use basketball as a stepping stone to open up other doors in life. Check it out and let me know what you think :)

A PLACE I recently traveled to --

--> one of my favorite under the radar cities! (spring 2017)

--> no, this was not photoshopped. the real deal.

--> must do: explore old town & hike up to the fortress!

A few ARTICLES I enjoyed --

Brand Marketing Through Coronavirus // It is clear that brands have to rethink their strategy and communication during these unprecedented times. People have shifted their attention which means technology needs to be used more than ever. The interesting takeaway here is how useful these suggestions can be for people to build and strengthen relationships, not just brands.

A Decision I Made 1,825 Days Ago // This is one of my favorite blog posts I've ever written. Short and sweet, but some powerful takeaways. If you're not doing something you love, you might never get a better opportunity to change it then right now! Take that leap of faith!


Like anything in life, I will continuously make changes and improvements to this newsletter! That will all depend on feedback I get from YOU! The purpose is to be able to share resources that bring you value. Hit me with feedback on any of the following:

  • Which resource above is your favorite?

  • What do you want more or less of?

  • How can I improve?

Send me a tweet (@Kevin_Tarca), shoot me a DM (@kevintarca) or simply respond to this email!

Have a wonderful month!

-- Kevin

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