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Zac Ikuma, GM of Tokushima Gambarous

Sports Business Secrets

Season 3 || Episode 507

Today’s guest is Zac Ikuma, the General Manager of the Tokushima Gambarous, an expansion team in the Japanese B3 League! He is in his first season managing a professional basketball club after various roles in the sports industry. He has an extremely unique background for a GM, which is why I believe he will continue to thrive in this role!

Zac has done everything from TV production to on field reporting to stage acting to NFL commentary to professional baseball interpreter and much more in between. Before arriving in Tokushima, Zac spent the last 4 years as the Official Correspondent for the Washington Wizards.

Today we talked about:

  • Growing up in a bilingual family

  • How he got his first professional opportunity

  • How his acting career helps him in business

  • His time spent with the Washington Wizards

  • A breakdown of the Japanese pro leagues

  • All about Tokushima and his expansion team

  • How the ownership group supports the vision

  • GM responsibilities (and common misconceptions)

  • Team culture -- how they are building winning habits

  • Pros & cons of being relegated or promoted

  • Goals for Tokushima this season

  • and much more

Appreciate you tuning in. Hope you enjoy!

Full episode below:


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