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Three Ways To Upgrade Your Networking Routine

The biggest buzz word of the 21st century; networking! We all know networking is a big part of how we will find success. But when's the last time you asked yourself how to improve your networking routine?

Here are three ways to upgrade your current networking routine:

1. Offer a Unique Solution

  • We all know this industry is oversaturated. You simply cannot stand out if you do what others do.

  • Have you ever ended a conversation with, "let me know if I could help!" .... Let's change that.

  • For my ultimate networking secret to stand out, you can also revisit episode 164.

2. Be a Connector

  • Go out of your way to connect good people! Making introductions is a priority for me every single week.

  • If there are two people in your network that could benefit from meeting each other, simply introduce them!

3. Share Things Publicly

  • Dont be afraid of what others think of your ideas. Share them early and often.

  • Networking doesn't always mean you are reaching out -- sometimes they come to you!

  • We live in a digital world. Speak your mind online and in person and like minded people will connect.

I dive into each of those categories in the full episode below!


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