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The ABC's of NIL with James O'Connor

Sports Business Secrets

Season 2 || Episode 432

Welcome back to another edition of Sports Business Secrets!

Today’s guest is James O’Connor, Partner at Barrett McNagny Law Firm, who also happens to be NBPA, WNBPA, FIBA and most recently, NCAA certified agent!

James represents and advises clients in all sorts of matters concerning employment law, NIL education and several additional dispute and litigation matters. Today we talked about how we first met, he shares a bit of lawyer 101 education and then we really dive into the NIL world!

Today we talked about:

  • growing up in a family of lawyers

  • making the decision to switch from medical to law studies

  • the exponential demand for law in all aspects sports

  • the reason he began to get certified as an agent

  • The ABC’s of NIL

    • Who is allowed to sign athletes

    • The differences in laws state by state

    • Current conflicts & disclosures

    • How to identify true market value

    • Laws affecting international student athletes

  • and much more

Appreciate you tuning in. Hope you enjoy!

You can listen to the full episode by clicking here:


Get to know James:

Articles published by James:


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