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Solly Fulp, Executive Vice President of LEARFIELD

Sports Business Secrets

Season 3 || Episode 486

Today’s guest is Solly Fulp, Executive Vice President of LEARFIELD!

Solly is responsible for Name, Image & Likeness strategy, growth, and development across LEARFIELD's 180+ university partners. Previously he led the multi-media rights business for university partners in the east region as well as the NCAA, Naming Rights and Campus+ divisions.

The college sports landscape is changing at a pace that is sometimes hard to keep up with. Today Solly explains what some of those changes consist of and why he believes LEARFIELD is positioned to lead the way.

Today we also talked about:

  • growing up in a small town in Alaska

  • his experience as a wrestler at the University of Oregon

  • his transition from college athlete to the "real world"

  • the status of NIL in college sports today

  • the power of content creation & storytelling

  • the benefits of NIL that no one is talking about

  • a breakdown of multimedia rights

  • how sponsorship ROI is changing

  • and much more!

Appreciate you tuning in. Hope you enjoy!

Full episode below:


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