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Monthly Digest 014

This is a monthly recap of resources that have helped me become the best version of me!

A QUOTE I love --

"It's a marathon, not a sprint. If you do what you love for long enough, while maintaining patience, you can become the very best at it."

A BOOK I finished --

The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg // Habits emerge because your brain is constantly trying to find ways to save "power." Your brain wants to complete tasks as efficiently as possible with minimal stress or effort. Habits become neurological urges that do not require our permission to be formed. If you learn how habits are created, then you have the tools to create powerful new habits and fix bad habits.

A PODCAST I listened to --

Rethinking Poverty and Business (HBR Ideacast)  // Esther Duflo is a MIT economist who won a Nobel Prize this year for her experimental approach to alleviating global poverty. You must really figure out your market and customers before trying to develop the best product or service. The only way to truly find out what works for your business is to test solutions boots on the ground. There is a reason why I spend so much time in Europe. How can I truly learn the markets and develop the relationships if I have never been there and experienced it in person? There is a huge difference between talking about something and actually having done it yourself.


--> Also known as the city of beer

--> Loyal and passionate Brose Basket fans

--> Don't save shopping for Sundays (it's a ghost town)

--> Beautiful Christmas markets

A few ARTICLES you should read --

PDF of Every Amazon Shareholder Letter (1997-2017) // This is amazing. It's really cool to see how strategic Jeff Bezos has been for 20+ years. Even a brief scroll through these letters will be worth it. A highlight for me was in 1997's letter, he discussed the three questions they ask in the interview process to help them differentiate candidates.

How Being Busy Leads to Bad Decisions // Running from meeting to meeting each day, responding to missed calls, and trying to get your unread emails down to zero is pretty par for the course right? Well all the busy work and stress can prove to negatively effect your decision making process. A few recommendations in here on how to more productive.

A VIDEO you should watch -- Sportscenter Top10 - Backwards Half Court Shot // Quick little shoutout to my younger brother who made it to Sportscenter (again). Channeling his inner football mentality during a road game at Auburn. You'll have to ask him how many tries it took...


Like anything in life, I will continuously make changes and improvements to this newsletter! That will all depend on feedback I get from YOU! The purpose is to be able to share resources that bring you value. Hit me with feedback on any of the following:

  • Which resource above is your favorite?

  • What do you want more or less of?

  • How can I improve?

Send me a tweet (@Kevin_Tarca), shoot me a DM (@kevintarca) or simply respond to this email!

Have a wonderful month!

-- Kevin

P.S. In case you missed a previous month's newsletter, you can check them all out here!


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