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LinkedIn Sports Challenge 30/30

#LinkedInSports Day 3️⃣0️⃣: Congrats - You completed the challenge! Share what you learned!

What a month! The last 30 days have been a lot of fun.

Big time shoutout to Adriene Bueno for the challenge! Here are 5 takeaways.

1 -- Persistence & Discipline Win Long Term

A lot of people fall short of their goals because they end up quitting when it gets tough. But often, that deepest darkest moment is really the moment before your success. Does posting 30 days in a row mean we win? Lol, not sure about that. But showing up everyday proves consistency!

2 -- Networking Is Eternal.

We all know relationships is at the core of every business and it’s the backbone to how this world works. Think about it, we’re posting this challenge on a social NETWORKING site, where we can interact with others. Whether you’re looking for your first job or you are considered the top of your industry, you should never be too big time to interact with others.

3 -- Learning is Eternal

I have learned a tremendous amount of new information and perspectives from this challenge. It’s always humbling to be reminded how much you don’t know! It’s important to be aware that you can always learn more and be curious enough to constantly seek new information.

4 – Personal Lives Matter Too.

It’s common practice (and understandably so), for people to separate work and personal life, especially when sharing content publicly. But I noticed many people go outside their comfort zone and share a picture or story about their personal life this month. To the extent you are comfortable with it, I think it’s important! Because everyone has their own story. And your personal life is often a core WHY for what you are doing professionally.

5 – You Never Know Who’s Watching.

Often times we don’t want to press “publish” because we don’t think anyone will consume our content. Or worse, we are afraid of what they will think. I encourage you to spin that into a positive. Think about it this way -- you never know who will read one of your posts and what doors that could open for you!

Don't worry, even though this 30 day challenge is done, I won't be going away 😁

Feel free to stay up to date with the journey from my podcast!

Finish the year strong my friends!


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