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LinkedIn Sports Challenge 27/30

#LinkedInSports Day 2️⃣7️⃣: What are ways that you maintain your mental health while at work?

There's no doubt the professional basketball industry presents challenges. Despite the good people and friendliness that surely exists, it is a cut throat industry. And it's not just the agent path. If you're on any path -- pro, coach, scout, GM, etc. It's all similar.

The supply of people trying to reach the top is endless & the demand for those positions are limited.

Being completely transparent, I very often question my own sanity and wonder why I put myself through some of the frustrations of the business. With that being said, there's always something inside of me that tells me to keep going.

There are three ways that I've been able to balance the craziness with my inner peace.

1) Travel.

For me, stepping off a bus, plane or boat into a new country gives me the energy I need for months. I literally can't think of anything I enjoy more than exploring new cultures, meeting new people and tapping into the basketball markets in a country I've never been before.

2) Headspace.

I try my best to include meditation in my daily ritual. There are times that it gets away from me, but I'm proud of the commitment this year. My longest streak was 98 days in a row. Bar is set high for 2023!

3) Perspective.

Life is often never as good as it seems and never as bad as it seems. Maintaining that mindset keeps me balanced.


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