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LinkedIn Sports Challenge 22/30

#LinkedInSports Day 2️⃣2️⃣: Share something that helps you make your job easier.

Transparent Communication.

When I first started Kreation Talent Agency, I was so caught up in "succeeding" that I would keep things a little bit vague in terms of career trajectory for players. Firstly, because there was no true way to project where a player would be in 5 years, so I was genuinely unsure.

But secondly, if I'm being honest, I was just afraid of disappointing a potential client. If I was recruiting a player, I wanted them to like me and agree with my vision of their career! Otherwise they would sign with someone else.

I soon realized that was not sustainable. And if it somehow managed to work in the short term, there would be a misalignment of vision and expectations shortly after. So that strategy ended just about as quickly as it began.

After that experience, I made it a non-negotiable to communicate transparently.

What does that mean?

Well in the agency world that means telling a player what they NEED to hear instead of what they WANT to hear.

Why does this make my job easier?

Because it saves times for everyone. And it filters out partnerships that would otherwise be destined to fail. If I tell a player my honest thoughts about what level he can play at, and they don't agree, we don't have to go any further.

That doesn't mean I'm right. That doesn't mean I'm wrong. It simply means that we are not on the same page.

It's imperative in all facets of business that goals & vision should be aligned. And one way to ensure that is by communicating transparently.


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