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LinkedIn Sports Challenge 10/30

#LinkedInSports Day 🔟: What are your favorite sports media brands?

I've got 4 winners today, each one will be from a different category:

A sports media brand that is crushing it... Andrew Petcash

The amount of times Andrew was tagged today on here today probably broke his computer lol. If you still haven't checked out Profluence yet, stop sleeping under a rock! By the way, this is a great example of how someone builds a quality product first, and the audience follows organically.

--> circle back to my podcast episode with Andrew to hear how he built his empire!

A sports media brand you might not have heard of (YET)... Brown Ballers

In addition to growing In The Lab to a household name in the basketball world, Navin Ramharak has his eyes set on another project -- building a Home for Brown Athletes. They are telling the stories of brown people that have success on and off the court. They also made their first TBT debut this year. Can't wait to see this continue to thrive!

A sports media brand I just found out about!... HighlightHer

Thanks to the #LinkedInSports Challenge, I came across Arielle Chambers' broadcasting and media brand! A recent stat I saw said less than 5% of all sports media coverage focuses on women's sports. "Everything you need to see her do in sport & culture" is a mission I support!

A sports media brand that continues to impress me... Overtime

The shift from a social channel that posted viral basketball highlights to a massive sports network is a case study that we can all learn from. This growth is impressive for any company, let alone one that barely 5 years old! Really cool to watch Dan Porter & Zach Weiner (and the entire team) continue to adjust and scale. By the way, this is the opposite model of how Andrew grew his brand. Overtime built their audience first and then the product.


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