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LinkedIn Sports Challenge 09/30

#LinkedInSports Day 9️⃣: What does a workday in your life look like?

If you ask 100 people in the sports business industry this question, you will probably get somewhere close to 100 different answers! If you read my "Day 6" response, you would realize that preparation for every week might look a bit different. We could try to prepare with our routines, but in this business it's more than likely that your workday will turn out different than you imagined.

For me, "a day in the life" is dependent on the time of year, the project I'm working on, the location I'm in & more.

My workdays are very different. And they have changed quite drastically from the beginning days of Kreation Talent Agency. This was an answer that called for another podcast episode, so I invite you to take a listen below :)


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