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LinkedIn Sports Challenge 06/30

#LinkedInSports Day 6️⃣: How do you prepare for you week?

I've gone through several different routines over the years. Whether it was checking in on monthly goals, cooking for weekly meal prep, creating a checklist for each day of the week or cleaning up the inbox.

Some worked, Some didn't.

No matter which routine I'm in or how busy my week looks, here are 3 things that I try to do each Sunday.

1) Laundry -- this may sound weird, but when I have clean clothes in the wardrobe it results in a more productive week. Why? Look good, feel good, play good. It motivates me to workout. And I like to look presentable if I'm going to a meeting or a game.

2) To-Do Leftovers -- everyone has to-do lists. And if you're like me, you may have a pile of post-it notes with tasks that never got accomplished from the previous week. I aggregate these to one page. Then delete the ones that I don't need. And if there are any that take 5 minutes or less, I spend one hour doing them. For example, today I sent 5 intro emails that have been sitting on that list.

3) Quick Calendar Glance -- sometimes calls or events are booked weeks in advance. Sometimes we forget about said calls or events 😅... I take a quick peek at the calendar to make sure I don't need to be in a different state or country! And then refresh my memory for upcoming calls or projects.

Those might sound like strange ways to prepare, but remember, to each their own!

Find what works for you and crush the week!


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