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Clay Mallory, Founder & CEO of New Era Athlete

Sports Business Secrets

Season 4 || Episode 512

Today’s guest is Clay Mallory, Founder & CEO of New Era Athlete! A San Francisco, California native, Clay has been involved with the basketball industry in different capacities for nearly a decade.

From volunteer video coordinator positions to high school coaching to player representation to college coaching to scouting and pretty much everything else in between. He earned his masters in Sport Management at the University of San Francisco, he’s currently the west coast scout and director of business development for One Motive Sports, and he is a bit more than a year into his newest endeavor, New Era Athlete!


Today we talked about:

  • Transitioning from playing into coaching & managing roles

  • Early sports industry career experience

  • His current role with One Motive Sports

  • The birth of New Era Athlete & its purpose

  • The NIL money differences – collective vs true

  • How many followers you need to get paid

  • Summer camps and merchandising strategy

  • How the portal fits into the NIL environment

  • How colleges should leverage NIL moving forward

  • and much more

Appreciate you tuning in. Hope you enjoy!

Full episode below:


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