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David Nurse: Coach, Speaker & Best Selling Author

Sports Business Secrets
Season 2 || Episode 377

Welcome back to another edition of Sports Business Secrets!

Today’s guest is David Nurse, who is a man of many skills & many titles...

David has been transforming the way hundreds of NBA stars play on the court for most of his career. His method was actually coined as training “athletes of the future” because of his ability to teach them how to tap into different mindsets and become unstoppable.

He has written two bestselling books, runs a successful motivational coaching business and is a highly-sought-after speaker. You're not going to want to miss this high energy, knowledge packed episode!

Today we talked about….

  • His NBA dreams and playing overseas

  • The challenges he battled as a pro

  • His mindset during the transition from pro to “real life”

  • Breaking a few world records

  • How he became the Brooklyn Nets Shooting Coach

  • How to shift your perspective & redefine success

  • How to push through limitations to find your breakthrough

& plenty more!

I’m super lucky to call David a friend. And he’s done more to help me along my personal journey than I can even thank him for. I know you guys are going to enjoy this one!!


You can check out more of David's content & work below:

Book #1 -- Pivot & Go

Book #2 -- Breakthrough


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