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Bronislaw Wawrzynczuk, Sports Director Prometey

Sports Business Secrets

Season 3 || Episode 471

Today’s guest is Bronislaw Wawrzynczuk, the new Sports Director for Eurocup team Prometey!

Bronek and I met in early 2017 while attending the Adidas Next Generation Tournament in Belgrade, Serbia. At the time we were both trying to navigate our way through this crazy business.

Since then, Bronek founded his own scouting service, has been hired by several different high level clubs and is currently on his way to lead his first club as the Sports Director!

Today we talked about:

  • growing up in Poland

  • when he realized scouting was a passion

  • how he got his first opportunity

  • the decision to start Eurospects

  • what he looks for in youth prospects

  • his responsibilities at Ratiopharm Ulm

  • making the jump to Fenerbahçe

  • which leagues he watches closest

  • the new job at Prometey

  • advice for anyone getting into the business

  • and much more

Appreciate you tuning in. Hope you enjoy!

You can listen to the full episode by clicking here:


Connect with Bronislaw:

Instagram --> here

Twitter --> here

Newly Appointed Sports Director Announcement:

Eurospects (his original scouting service):

Article Discussing His Journey to Get To Ulm:


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