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Adam Finkelstein, ESPN National Recruiting Analyst

Sports Business Secrets
Season 2 || Episode 378

Welcome back to another edition of Sports Business Secrets!

Today’s guest is Adam Finkelstein, National Recruiting Analyst for ESPN. Adam has experience in many different sectors of the basketball world; from the media side to coaching at both the collegiate and prep school levels… and obviously to evaluating talent all across the country.

Today we talked about:

  • how he grew up and got introduced to the game

  • his transition after school to working in basketball full time

  • how he created opportunities for himself as a young coach

  • where the idea for NERR came from

  • his roles and responsibilities at ESPN

  • why rankings matter & when they don't really matter

  • and most importantly… all about evaluating talent!

And at the end we have the infamous Sports Business Secrets lightning round.

This episode is going to be tremendously valuable for young players, parents & coaches.

Appreciate you tuning in. Hope you enjoy!


You can follow Adam on his social media channels below:


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