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Free Game: 8 People You Should Follow

I just finished recording a podcast episode with the 135th guest that I've had the privilege to interview on Sports Business Secrets. As I was adding the name to the "Guest List," I took a moment to pinch myself. What an absolutely EPIC group of decision makers and power shakers in the sports business industry. The amount of wisdom shared by these guests in their respective roles is invaluable!

No, it's not easy to coordinate that many interviews.

And yes, it's a testament to the relationships I've built over the past two decades (humble brag).

But the point of this rant is to reiterate how much knowledge is out there for you to absorb!

Not to mention, FOR FREE.

Yes. For free. Quick refresher for those who are new here, this podcast is specifically designed to share secrets from experts in the sports business world to help you (and me) along our own paths in this industry. And this is a friendly a reminder to take advantage of the free game. Over the course of nearly 500 episodes, there are a many different topics discussed. So this is an attempt to filter down to a handful of episodes for those who are looking for something specific. My goal today is to share some episodes that you should listen to if you are an aspiring professional basketball player. Of course, once I started making this list, I realized I could include just about every single guest episode... So I will filter it down even further. These episodes include guests that specifically talk about the path to becoming a pro, including topics like:

  • the characteristics found in highly rated prospects

  • the pros & cons of going down the prep school pathway

  • where to find an agent and important topics to discuss before signing

  • the differences between leagues and salaries abroad

  • what it was like to play in new countries for the first time

  • what to do when battling injuries and other challenges abroad

  • transitioning from basketball career to "the real world"

1 -- Adam Finkelstein

Why: Adam was previously the National Recruiting Analyst for ESPN. He is now the National Recruiting Director for 247 Sports & College Basketball Insider for CBS Sports. He shares recruiting notes, evaluates some of the world's best basketball prospects, talks NBA Mock Drafts and more.

Guest Episode ⬇️

2 -- Brad Kanis

Why: Brad is the Founder of Europrobasket, located in Valencia, Spain. He educates about the journey to become a pro through his personal experiences. His academy give players the opportunity for exposure in Spain and other entry level locations in Europe. If you're sitting on your couch waiting for a contract... you should probably check in with Brad.

Guest Episode ⬇️

3 -- Brianna Salvatore Dueck

Why: As a former professional and Division 1 collegiate basketball player (Switzerland & UC Davis), Brianna used the power of sport in her own life as a vehicle for social integration and positive influence. She took full advantage of global career opportunities DURING her pro career.

Guest Episode ⬇️

4 -- Carlon Brown

Why: This was a BAD MAN on the court. Carlon played college and pro basketball at the highest levels. He shares some of the things that helped him along his journey, including the not so sexy parts about being a pro (the transition, overcoming injuries, lifestyle and nutrition challenges, etc).

Guest Episode ⬇️

5 -- Cory Heitz

Why: The Prep school pathway has changed quite a bit over the past 10 years. Going Prep can assist basketball players with exposure to the collegiate level. But not all paths are the same. And it's not for everyone! Cory has all the answers to your prep school questions in this episode & on his website below.

Guest Episode ⬇️

6 -- Derick Grant

Why: When he was a kid, Derick didn’t dream about the NBA. He just focused on his process and fell in love with the game. After a pro career with the Harlem Globetrotters, he now spends his time teaching others how to elevate to the best versions of themselves! Learn all about mindset and various tools to help you accomplish your goals.

Guest Episode ⬇️

7 -- Jori Davis

Why: Another amazing example of someone who uses basketball to open doors for herself that will impact her life after the ball stops bouncing. Jori built her own company DURING her professional career; a tool that is designed to strengthen the careers of athletes through education and community!

Guest Episode ⬇️

8 -- José Colorado

Why: Despite his collegiate scoring records, José still needed to scratch and claw his way into his first professional contract. José shares some realities and myths of playing basketball abroad, the importance of generating revenue outside your pro contract, salary ranges of leagues abroad and much more. He often collaborates with Kevin Owens + Sean McCaw, whom collectively share more insight on the process than you could possibly need.

Guest Episode ⬇️


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