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"The bad, The bad and The ugly!"

Ok ok... I know that isn't the most appealing title for a blog post lol...

But you'll understand why after listening to the podcast!

Super excited that I've reconnected with a former teammate of mine Art Morrison III! There was a period of time when we both naturally had our own lives going on. Him playing ball at Caldwell University and then dabbling in the pro life overseas! And myself walking onto the team at Quinnipiac and then jumping into the event & talent management industry.

But we've recently been brainstorming ways to combine our skill sets and passions to work together... and the first no-brainer was to get on the podcast and chop it up! Since we both jumped into the entrepreneurial life after college, we chatted about sone of the common struggles and obstacles we went through at first (and some that we are still going through).

Hopefully you can take away a few gems that will keep you motivated and prepared to tackle any obstacles that come your way!

Just in case you don't follow either of us on social, go ahead and check us out below!!

Here's the link to Art's first company:

Here's the link to my first company:


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