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Michael Raymond, Founder of Raymond Rep

Sports Business Secrets
Season 2 || Episode 403

Today’s guest is Michael Raymond, Founder of Raymond Representation, a sport and talent agency specializing in business, marketing, and lifestyle management!

Michael's start in sports began as an athlete, like most of us. Once he realized he was not heading down the professional athlete path, he began surrounding himself with people that helped open doors in the business world.

From undergraduate studies at UCF to Law School at Miami, Michael has been putting in the work to build the career of his dreams.

Today we talked about….

  • His undergrad experience opening doors to the marketing world

  • The decision to go to Law School

  • How Raymond Representation was born

  • The original vision versus strategic pivots

  • The breakdown of the NIL market in 3 categories

  • Details of an actual NIL deal and athlete deliverables

  • Recommendation on how to enter & succeed in the business

Appreciate you tuning in. Hope you enjoy!


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