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BALLOGY, Welcome to Sports Business Secrets!

Sports Business Secrets

Season 4 || Episode 521

Today I am beyond excited to officially welcome Ballogy to the podcast as a sponsor (or what I think is more fitting - a strategic partner)!

Ballogy is a skills assessment and development mobile application for basketball players and their coaches.

Ballogy is essentially a “digital command center" for leaders of programs. The goal is to remove the guesswork and empower coaches to make player development both clear and measurable.

They do that through a handful of ways:

1 -- Keeping data and communication in one place with a private in-app group

2 -- Easily scaling player development by assigning shooting drills and custom challenges

3 -- Creating accountability by capturing workouts via in-app video

4 -- Creating healthy competition by tracking results with leaderboards

To hear more about the company and how it can impact you or your program, dive into the episode below!


Checkout the Ballogy Website:

Here is a Sample Workout Video on Finishing From the App:

Download the Ballogy App Here!


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