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And We’re Back…

Let’s try this again… this time a bit more organized. The past several years I’ve dabbled with a short blog in Southeast Asia, a photo album in Europe and the beginning of a video blog in Istanbul.

Writing has always been something I’ve enjoyed. Taking the time to really reflect on life and express my thoughts in depth. I think many of us can relate to having so much “internal conversation” in our head that sometimes it gets overwhelming. It’s important to find a way to bring some of that out, whether in a personal journal, through yoga, friendly conversation, meditating, blogging, you name it. Everyone has their own way!

As I get back into the swing of travel, I aim to have a much easier process of organizing my thoughts and sharing with friends and family. There may be links to photo albums, videos, podcasts, or other recommended resources. But for the most part I have broken down the topics into three main categories — travel, hoops and life.

Travel Posts:

If you are friends with me in real life or follow me on any of my social media, you’re well aware that I’m always on the move. I’ll continue to post pictures and videos of places that I travel. From unassumingly interesting cities in the United States to under the radar Eastern European gems. From Barcelona to Istanbul. From ‘third world’ to luxurious. I always finds something new to immerse myself in. This world is a beautiful place, so I won’t keep it all to myself 😉

Hoops Posts:

As you know, basketball is a big part of my life. I’ve been lucky enough for this game to take me all over the world. Some of these atmospheres are like nothing I’ve ever experienced before! From outside courts with no overhead covering to NBA quality arenas. From a handful of die-hard locals to 20,000+ screaming fans. I’ve been in arenas full of cigarette smoke and seen more mid-game flares than I would have imagined. These are definitely some stories you’ll want to keep up with.

Life Posts:

Life is a journey. There will be many ups and downs. Sometimes things will not work out the way you want them to. And sometimes things will work out better than you ever imagined. I’ll be writing about some themes or pieces of advice that I have a personal experience with over the past several years. It will range from business related content to motivational content and probably some stuff in between.

Another platform that I will post a bit more continuously than here is Instagram — @kevintarca.

Welcome to my life. Hope you enjoy!



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