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Lilliana Antequera, Sr. Collegiate Marketing Manager, CELSIUS Holdings Inc.

Sports Business Secrets
Season 2 || Episode 396

Today’s guest is Lilliana Antequera, Sr. Collegiate Marketing Manager for CELSIUS!

Lilliana has an extensive background in marketing in the consumer packaged goods space in addition to tech focused companies. Today she shared invaluable insight into the world of brand marketing, NIL and a sneak peek at some additional collegiate-focused projects at CELSIUS.

Today we talked about….

· her desire to be an astronaut before anything else

· how she got her first opportunity in marketing

· why it’s important to work face to face with consumers

· why it’s important to have authentic brand campaigns

· characteristics that have helped her along her career journey

· a 30k foot view of CELSIUS Collegiate Marketing and the products they make

· an exciting new announcement – CELSIUS University!

· The NIL space and what to expect in the coming months

· and much more

Appreciate you tuning in. Hope you enjoy!


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