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Copenhagen’s “Hippie Town”

Today’s afternoon walk for a coffee was not your typical one! I took a stroll a bit outside of the city center of Copenhagen to check out the infamous district of Christiania otherwise known as Copenhagen’s “Hippie Freetown,” and boy was it a sight to see.

The district is a former military base that was abandoned for many years before people settled in. It’s now allegedly home to a bit less than 1,000 inhabitants. The occupancy of the land has been a controversy for decades mainly due to the free trade of cannabis.

Don’t expect to see cars speeding by here, as the only form of transportation allowed (other than walking) is a bike. You instantly feel the sense of community spirit and it’s hard to find a house or storefront without bright colors or flags. At times it felt like walking through a Jean-Michel Basquiat themed museum morphed with a trip back in time to Woodstock! (Yea…. trippy 😂)

Highly recommended to walk through to escape the hustle of the bigger city & typical tourism, but if you’re in search of a commercial americano from @starbucks then stay away lol.

Despite the unconventional lifestyle, Freetown is a super chill, graffiti infused & cafe filled neighborhood with people just trying to live life on their own terms…

I mean… aren’t we all?



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