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Andrew Petcash, Founder of The Petcash Post

Sports Business Secrets
Season 2 || Episode 398

Today’s guest is Andrew Petcash, former collegiate basketball player, entrepreneur & Founder of The Petcash Post, one of hottest newsletters on the market that breaks down the business of athletes, sports and NIL!

You'll want to break out the notepad for all the knowledge Andrew shares...

Today we talked about:

  • How he went from 0 scholarship offers to 10

  • His decision between going pro in hoops to pro in something else

  • College recruiting and where players get the most exposure

  • How you can differentiate yourself in the recruiting process

  • The NIL market and how it is changing recruiting

  • A breakdown of a real NIL deal from The AIR App

  • The business model & the future vision of his newsletter

  • and much more


You can follow Andrew on social here:

And of course, make sure to subscribe to his newsletter!


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