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Pai and Bangkok

The trip to Pai took about three hours on a mini bus through the curvy roads of northern Thailand. Once we got there we only had about 24 hours so there wasn’t too much time to waste. The view from the hostel was one of the best views I’ve seen on my trip – and like most pictures I’ve taken, it doesn’t do the actual view justice.

We spent about an hour in the pool to relax from the ride and then rented a few mopeds to go exploring. Pai is known for its views from the Canyon as well as its waterfalls. Here are a few pics from the afternoon.

Quick flight to Bangkok the next morning for my last night in Thailand! The day that I flew in was a holiday called Mother’s Day. It’s a bit different than the Mother’s Day that we celebrate in the states. This holiday is to celebrate the Queen’s birthday. Unfortunately due to the holiday the Royal Palace and many of the temples closed early so we took a cruise down the river in a taxi boat and were able to at least see many of them from the outside. That night I was able to meet back up with a few of the guys I traveled in Vietnam with! It’s crazy how many people go on similar paths when traveling throughout Southeast Asia. You’ll see someone on your last night that you saw four weeks prior in a completely different city. Pretty wild when you think about how big these cities really are.

Before I headed to the airport the next day I just casually had to grab some lunch with some Montgomery Basketball Family! Chase is headed to play basketball at Skidmore College this fall! I happened to be in Bangkok the same time as Chase and his mom were visiting some family. Talk about a small world, it’s a crazy feeling seeing someone half way across the world that lives in the same town as you!

Four and a half weeks in Southeast Asia absolutely flew by! It wouldn’t be right if I came all the way out here and didn’t take a trip to visit my man Austin! Next stop, Sydney, Australia!



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