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Monthly Digest 026

This is a monthly recap of resources that have helped me become the best version of me!

A QUOTE I love --

“Find what you love. Become good at it. Then implement tunnel vision to become the best."

A BOOK I finished --

The Mindful Athlete by George Mumford // If you're unfamiliar with George's work, do yourself a favor and check him out. I was lucky enough to meet George in 2016 and he's been a fantastic resource ever since. Many pros have credited George with helping them transform their leadership and mindset to championship levels, including MJ and Kobe!

A PODCAST I listened to --

Sam Hinkie - Find Your People (Invest Like The Best) // Typically I don't listen to hour long podcast episodes, but this one was worth it. Sam worked for more than a decade in the NBA with the Rockets and then as the President and GM of the 76ers. He recently launched his own venture capital firm. Sam talks about the lessons he brought with him from sports, how to avoid transactional people, and playing the long game.

A PLACE I've traveled to --

Where: Montgomery, NJ

--> covid took away most travel, so I figured it is fitting to end the year here!

--> my family moved to Montgomery, NJ when I was in 5th grade

--> I've explored more of this town during 2020 than I had the previous 20 years.

An ARTICLE I enjoyed --

The Ivy Lee Method // Interesting strategy to become more productive. I consider myself a huge "list guy." I'm always organizing a to-do list. But often that list gets pretty long. I am going to try this method, I'll report back to you on how it goes!

A VIDEO you should watch --

So I'm secretly a film lover. Short films. Documentaries. Creative animations. Etc. I'm not a guru, nor am I an expert. I'm just a regular guy who enjoys creative projects. And this one had me clapping at the end. A handful of powerful messages leading into 2021. Enjoy!


Like anything in life, I will continuously make changes and improvements to this newsletter! That will all depend on feedback I get from YOU! The purpose is to be able to share resources that bring you value. Hit me with feedback on any of the following:

  • Which resource above is your favorite?

  • What do you want more or less of?

  • How can I improve?

Send me a tweet (@Kevin_Tarca), shoot me a DM (@kevintarca) or simply respond to this email!

Have a wonderful month!

-- Kevin

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