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LinkedIn Sports Challenge 08/30

#LinkedInSports Day 8️⃣: How can organizations go beyond raising awareness of social issues to make lasting change?

The first 7 prompts of this challenge were pretty easy for me to speak in depth about. Today's is difficult.

Maybe it's because I don't really have much experience beyond trying to raise awareness myself. Of course I can make a post on Instagram. Or I can share my thoughts on a podcast episode. Or I can show up to a peaceful protest.

Which are all better than doing nothing, no doubt.

But do those actions lead to "lasting change?"

Outside of raising awareness, 3 additional elements come to mind that seem necessary to truly make an impact.

1) Listening -- Everyone has opinions. And most people are quick to share them these days. But before speaking, I think it's important to listen. Especially if you are not directly affected by a specific social issue.

2) Smart Money -- Money doesn't fix everything. But let's be real, without money, life is tough. It's easy for a big company to write a check. But is that really helping the cause? Or is it a PR play? If you listen, you will probably understand what is needed and where to implement a donation. Instead of a one time check, maybe recurring payments will help with long term impact?

3) Connection -- If you aren't directly affected by something, it's difficult to feel the same way as someone who is! If companies REALLY want to help, they will find a way to become connected. And imagine themselves in the shoes of someone who is (or at least as close as possible).

I'm really looking forward to reading other responses to this one.


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