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Hoi An to Hue City

Finally got around to posting blog 4 several days later… due to a mix of long days and no wifi. We took the sleeper bus from Nha Trang up to Hoi An. Mind you, the comfortable padded “beds” and wifi service were both nonexistent. It was not the most comfortable 12 hour trip to say the least. We got to our hostel and had a few hours to kill before we could check into our rooms so we took a quick walk over the bridge to check out the town. Hoi An is a bit different from the other cities in the sense that it is more chill and relaxed. There are lots of cool little shops and restaurants and it is known for the tailor shops and markets. Here are a few pics.

As you can see above, had to throw QU some love in Asia!

The second day in Hoi An we took a half day adventure by boat up the Thu Bon River. We passed several fishermen and finally got to a huge patch of water coconuts which we got to paddle through ourselves. Our chef, Bing, spoke English really well and took us through the steps of making a four course meal. By the end of the day we had made spring rolls, papaya salad with shrimp and pork, rice pancakes and a carmelized pork dessert dish.



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