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Hiring & Recruiting

People often get hired the same way that people get recognized, from their past success. And although there is merit to that, I think we should dig deeper. I believe too many companies & sports organizations overweigh their decisions based off past stats.

I recently came across one Simon Sinek's youtube videos and I thought it was necessary to talk about this topic in relation to the overseas basketball industry.

Simon's begins his talk by disclosing how most companies hire their employees. It is far too common that we only look at candidates' past success. And how they operated at other companies. Which, is understandable.

But only to an extent.

Many times people are solely hired based on how they look on paper. Companies also tend to hire people who do a great job in interviews. Now, I am well aware that candidates with impressive resumes who interview well should be hired over candidates with unimpressive resumes who interview poorly (generally speaking).

But often times, when those candidates get there, they just don’t perform well. For whatever reason.

The key part of Simon's talk describes what I believe many overseas teams miss. That you really have to judge someones character and get to know who they are as a person. That's when you'll understand if they are the right fit for the job or not.

You can’t fully project or evaluate someone based on paper or past performances. Period. Sure it can be a great indicator. And a benchmark. But I don't care whether you are a Fortune 500 Company or a club in the 4th division of a Balkan country; by putting all your weight in valuing a human being on their paper resume, you will make mistakes.

I think many coaches, scouts and GMs overseas need to hear this! Don't get me wrong, there are already some clubs that operate in this fashion. But you would be surprised how outrageously high the roster turnover is every single season. I'm not going to share a list of WhatsApp messages from coaches looking for replacements right now. But trust me, it's more than just a few.

Check out episode 370 to hear me dive deeper into how teams overseas could benefit from a different approach.

Hope this makes you think differently :)


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